PRE PRODUCTION: we are known and constantly requested for our knowledge of the whole Alps territory, from the valleys to the top of the mountains.
Location scouting, permits, shooting organization and production: our team can lead the customer to the perfect location.

SHOOTING: high quality video services, both in small crews and in more demanding cinematographic environments.

AERIAL SHOOTING: for more than ten years we have comfortably occupied the passenger seat of various aerial work companies and, last but not least, with our drones (classic and FPV) we are a reliable support for national and international projects.

HIGH TECH CINEMA: Our lifeblood is the thrill of offering techniques and tools to our creativity which change every visual perception and leave room for what the eye alone cannot see: timelapse, macro and super slow motion.

POST PRODUCTION E MOTION GRAPHICS: nature is our playground. Every now and then we return to the office to literally recharge our batteries. We personally take care of editing and deliveries. Our clients can count on a team of motion graphic designers to complete the most challenging animations.

SOUND DESIGN: sound is 60% of a story. The love and knowledge of it leads us to take care of every note that accompanies our works. For this reason our team is also made up of some composers ready to sew a tailor-made sound suit.