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Nunatak Film is an award winning video production company based in the Dolomites.

We are addicted to extreme assignments

Our crew is specialized in action, lifestyle and cultural productions as well as documentaries and short films. Nunatak Film's cinematographers are specialized in high quality storytelling with full attention to characters and a modern way to tell them.


We have everything our clients need. We are equipped for high quality productions both in small crews and large commercials. Going deep into the story creation to make it immersive is what we love to do.


When it comes to flying cameras we have a vision and an experience that is worldwide appreciated. We started before drones and we landed into the FPV world working together with big companies.


Our vision flows together to the environment we live in and we are good at showing it by specializing in timelapse photography, macro cinematography and super slow motion.


We love music. Our project's soundtracks are tailor made. Our professional composer and sound engineer works side by side with the rest of the team and develops the concept from the beginning.

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    “Sulle tracce di Holzer”

    Tommaso Cardelli on the footprint of the steep skier Heini Holzer.
    The idea of the Alpine Guides Tommaso Cardelli and Cristian Dallapozza is to face the most important downhills in the history of steep skiing moving from one place to another by bike.

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    “Between heaven and ice”

    A professional photographer, Federico Modica, follows the dream of walking on iceberg on a slackline.
    Together with professional athletes Mattia Felicetti and Benjamin Kofler they will explore Greenland diving into its culture.

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    "Pagine di pietra"

    The amazing tales of four friends facing an adventure in the Lagorai mountain chain that will bring them to the discovery of the past and the culture of that alpine area.

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    "Tobi - Between sky and earth"

    The history of paragliding driven by the adventure of professional paraglider Tobias "Tobi" Grossrubatscher challenging the famous X-Alps race.

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    "A Northern Soul"

    At the age of 8

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Who’s in our team

Federico Modica

Main Director

Ciprian Turutea

Main Writer


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