Explore. Create. Repeat.


Nùnatak s. m. (from Inuit nunataq]. – is the summit or ridge of a mountain that protrudes from an ice field or glacier, that otherwise covers most of the mountain or ridge. It’s mainly located in Antartide and outskirts of Greenland.

It is exact from Greenland that our journey begins: the first documentary filmed among the icebergs and mountains of this wonderful country. This project soon turned into a lifestyle, in which we put ourselves to test more and more every day by accepting all the challenges. We love to get involved in all types of situations, especially extreme ones, which will then be told through shots, videos, sensations and voices. Your voices.

Thus was born the idea of ​​a company that listens to world’s stories and is committed to tell them with all its heart and soul, making them emerge to create magic, just like Greenland’s nunatak.


Nunatak Film is a video production company, forge of ideas and innovation, ready to tell every story through different points of view and emotions.

Starting from the narrative, we take care of projects from the concept to the completion of it: thanks to our creative minds, the use of cutting-edge tools and a competent and dynamic team.

Born and raised in the Dolomites the mountains allowed us to develop many special resources. During our experiences around the world we have improved and learned new skills that enable us to be efficient and ready in every field.


Telling and talking about emotions makes you to feel them first